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This is the personal web site of Kesavan Muthuvel

I've had a long dream to put all my related information in place, where bots and friends find some bit info on me, but It won't happen for the past. Now time allows me to happen my dream.

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I prefer VEG , but I'm not 100% .My selfish genes need some proteins somehow and take it by scarificing some aquatic lives.

Net and social

I'm sorry , if you don't get response from my side via Facebook and/or someother social networks , as I'm some how lazy and don't want to get into that virtual world.I still belive in real world system and love the way it designed.

But you may find G+ and Y!Pulse updates myside , because they're enabled for me from their side, and I want to be part of them.

I even annoyed with my N900 (retired) powered by Mameo GNU/Linux & LG E400 (retired) powered by CM9 Android (GNU?/Linux) ICS 4.0.4 sometimes , because either it's battery run out so earlier before I call somebody or kernel might under deadlock with threads & process .The same applies to my another device Nikon S3000 Coolpix Nikon DSLR 3100 Canon Rebel EOS T5i aka D700.

Now playing with my Nexus 4 (LG E960) , powered by CM12.XX plus 4 more operating systems including FirefoxOS , Ubuntu Mobile.

But Here are some of my Social link(s):

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Houston,Texas | Madurai,India :)

RT @Piramachari: த்தா.....!!! | Sat Dec 16 23:19:14 2017 CST

RT @fsf: Our brave & intrepid tech team works year-round maintaining critical #freesoftware infrastructure: recently they fixed a bug where… | Fri Dec 15 19:20:16 2017 CST

RT @fsf: We echo this sentiment: Don't buy anyone an Echo: | Fri Dec 15 19:13:40 2017 CST

RT @ChemistryVids_: Standing waves occur when waves of equal amplitude, wavelength, and frequency travel in opposite directions and interfe… | Fri Dec 15 19:13:28 2017 CST

RT @mekalapugazh: உங்கள் மகள் அவரது திருமணத்தை நடத்தும் உரிமையை உங்களுக்குத் தரவில்லை என்பதால்..எவ்வளவு வேண்டுமானாலும் வருத்தப்படுங்கள்..த… | Fri Dec 15 9:17:25 2017 CST


Wanna see my resume? here it is.

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