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This is the personal web site of Kesavan Muthuvel

For a considerable duration, I have harbored the aspiration to consolidate all my pertinent information in a singular location. This would facilitate both automated systems and acquaintances in acquiring essential details about me. Regrettably, this ambition has remained unrealized in the past. However, current circumstances have become conducive to the fulfillment of this long-standing dream.

Welcome to personal site!

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Daily menu

While I predominantly adhere to a vegetarian diet, it is not strictly exclusive. Due to the nutritional requirements of my body, particularly for proteins, I occasionally consume unfertilized eggs.

Reading books

Reading is a passion of mine, and I find joy in immersing myself in a diverse range of topics. My interests are not confined to a single subject; instead, they span across various fields of study.

I am fascinated by Genetics, the science of heredity and variation in living organisms. It's intriguing to delve into the complexities of genes, how they influence our traits, and their role in health and disease.

Microbiomes captivate me with their invisible world teeming with microorganisms. These tiny life forms, which inhabit various environments including our own bodies, play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our planet's ecosystems.

The mysteries of the universe unfold in Cosmology and Particle Physics. From understanding the origins and evolution of the universe to exploring the fundamental constituents of matter, these subjects offer a glimpse into the profound laws that govern our reality.

Human History provides a rich tapestry of our past, offering insights into our collective journey as a species. It's fascinating to learn about different civilizations, cultures, and historical events that have shaped our world.

The Origin of Life is another topic that piques my curiosity. It's intriguing to explore theories about how life might have begun on Earth and possibly elsewhere in the universe.

Finally, Mathematics and Numbers offer an abstract yet precise language to describe the world. They form the foundation for many scientific disciplines and are integral to understanding the patterns and structures inherent in nature.

In essence, my reading habits reflect a thirst for knowledge that transcends boundaries. I revel in the pursuit of understanding as much as I can about this vast, intricate world we inhabit.

Net and social

I apologize if you have not received a response from me via Facebook or other social networks. My lack of activity is due to a preference for real-world interactions over virtual ones, rather than any form of laziness.

I maintain a presence on Google+ and Yahoo! Pulse because they are automatically updated on my behalf, and I wish to remain connected through these platforms.

Occasionally, I experience frustration with my retired devices, the N900 powered by Mameo GNU/Linux and the LG E400 powered by CM9 Android (GNU?/Linux) ICS 4.0.4. This is primarily due to their batteries depleting faster than anticipated or the kernel experiencing deadlock with threads and processes. This issue also extends to my Nikon S3000 Coolpix , Nikon DSLR 3100 , and Canon Rebel EOS T5i aka D700. Currently, I am exploring the capabilities of my Nexus 4 (LG E960) , which runs on CM12.XX along with four other operating systems, including FirefoxOS, Ubuntu Mobile.

In addition to the devices previously mentioned, I have also utilized the following gadgets over the years:

These devices have been instrumental in my exploration and understanding of various operating systems and their capabilities.

For those interested in following my updates, you can find me on the following social media platforms:

X (was Twitter) restricted their API support!

And you're missing my latest tweets here. Please visit to checkout what's happening my world!


Wanna see my resume? here it is.

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