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How to set persistent cookie ?

Cookie Vs Sessions?

	- stored in client side (browser)
	- cookie data are vulnerable so you have to encrypt your data before storing into cookies
	- data limit is there. i.e., you can not store lot of data in cookie (data limit depends on browser)
	- A user can reject cookies
	- stored in server side
	- can store any php data type
	- session is comparatively safer
	- there is not data limit for sessions as long as you have enough disk space in server
	- session id should be sent by the browser to the server in order to identify the client. This can be done with cookies or in get method (as query string)

strstr , stristr , strpos ..,
	refer php manual. Try to learn as many string functions as possible

SQL Injection
	Sql injection is a trick which is done by hackers to access or destroy data in a server.
	Un escaped strings that are sent to db server as query can make a sql injection vulnerability
	To avoid sql injection we should escape quotations in user input that are sent to sql query
	in php, use mysql_escape_string or mysql_real_escape_string functions to escape the user data to db server

Cross Site Scripting ?

GPC - What these are?
	G - get
	P - Post
	c - cookie

Cookie - Syntax
	the following should be sent to the browser as http response header
	Set-Cookie: name2=value2; Expires=Wed, 09 Jun 2021 10:18:14 GMT
	you can use the header function in php to set a raw cookie for ex. header('Set-Cookie: name2=value2; Expires=Wed, 09 Jun 2021 10:18:14 GMT');
	or you can also use set_cookie function

== Vs === . Where can we apply ?
	== checks only value for equality
	=== checks both value and data type for equality
	The same thing goes with != and !== (for opposite effect i.e., not equality)

Try to learn as many possible array functions as possible
in_array() , array merge,key,pop,push,
Array operations:

SORT => sort,ksort,natsort,rsort,krsort,asort

How to send mail with attachment?

Inheritance ? Polymorphism?

header(); ob_start(), ob_end() ,ob_flush()

MySQL - Advantage / Disadvantage
I want PRIMARY KEY as : 0,3,6,9,12 . How to do?
Engines : MyISAM , ISAM, InnoDB,BDB, Memory aka Heap, BLACKHOLE, Archive ..,
MyISAM Vs InnoDB  => Discuss on both. Adv/Disadv. When to choose which?

Favorite FTP Tools? why ? [Mine is Filezilla , FLOSS+Tabs too]

Apache :
ReWrite ???

cron jobs / automation
any sh experience?

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