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A good story
I promise , you love it!
There's Wildebeest !
But not really wild as you think
  • roams around wherever wish
  • respects others freedom
  • trust in sharing knowledge
  • loves transparency
  • lives on its own way
but has its own principle
very strict principle
  • someone loves for that
  • most wonders
  • others hard at understand

being wild, he won't care
~ lives on own world
sometime he plays with the system
sometime he breaks the system
he does  a good life on his own.
overtime, he feels , there's a need of change
  • the world is waiting for a new change
  • the wildebeest decides to build a new system of/for life
  • so that everyone gets benefits
  • to build a better society
  • a new generation
after some time,he  feels it's done with everything
but, one thing is missed
being masculine,  he built a robust , hard system
when he starts to bring life, a better choice appears in front
it's a tux
promising the wildbeest to give life
she's beautiful , intelligent
designed in the way the he loves
moreover she in-line with him  most  case
  • they met one day for better future
  • they realize, they're not complete without  the other
  • at beginning he have to adjust  for her
  • for her, his principles are hard , but she's happy with him
the wildebeest made her feels like
  • they chat
  • they roam
  • they run together
it takes sometime for them !
now they're tightly bind
she love to ride with him
they travel around the world.
everyone  likes their bonding
people sometime call them by simply 'tux'
but those who him well, knows the truth - he made it
b'coz she bring 'life'
!!! Happy couple !!!
looks like you already familiar with  the couple?
eureka ! I got it !

it's story of GNU & Linux
No., Maybe ., Yes
it's story of us
more info?

Continue! Yes! still there goes the story >>
Continue! Yes! still there goes the story >>

June 01,2014
Madurai, IN


Continue! Yes! still there goes the story >>
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