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Scripts I like

Here are some scripts which are useful for preparations in PHP / MySQL .Please run these.Don't just read this. Thanks to highlight_file() of PHP.

PHP Info | echo Vs print | PHP MCRYPT | PHP FUNCTION(?) | PHP __wakeup() | PHP Date Calc | PHP Multi file attach MAIL | MySQL Date Calc | PHP OOPs | jQuery

//echo $date = date("Y-m-d H:i:s");echo "\n";
echo $date "2011-08-26 10:34:16";echo "\n";

$original strtotime($date);    // To UNIX_TIME_STAMP

$hr  25;
$min 46;
$sec 77;

$modified $original+$sec+($min*60)+($hr*60*60);

date("Y-m-d H:i:s",$modified);echo "\n";

kesavan@Ideapad-Z460:/var/www/$ php datediff.php 
2011-08-26 10:34:16
2011-08-27 12:21:33

//$original = mktime(date("H", strtotime($date)), date("i", strtotime($date)), date("s", strtotime($date)),
//               date("m", strtotime($date)), date("d", strtotime($date)), date("Y", strtotime($date)));



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