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Scripts I like

Here are some scripts which are useful for preparations in PHP / MySQL .Please run these.Don't just read this. Thanks to highlight_file() of PHP.

PHP Info | echo Vs print | PHP MCRYPT | PHP FUNCTION(?) | PHP __wakeup() | PHP Date Calc | PHP Multi file attach MAIL | MySQL Date Calc | PHP OOPs | jQuery

OOPs polymorphism Method Overloading | OOPs Abstract Vs Interface | OOPs Interface


Interfaces may not include member variables
* Interface function cannot contain body


interface fruit {    

mango implements fruit {    
eatme(){    echo "Eat me! I\"m so sweet" ."\n <br>";}
buyme(){    echo "you can buy me direcly from farm"."\n <br>";}
goodat(){    echo "I\"m good at proteins" ."\n <br>" ;}

//$apple = new fruit;        #PHP Fatal error:  Cannot instantiate interface fruit 

$malgova = new mango ;
$malgova->eatme();        #Eat me! I"m so sweet
$malgova->buyme();        #you can buy me direcly from farm
$malgova->goodat();        #I"m good at proteins 


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